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Since the year 2000, The Table Tennis Store has been bringing the latest and the best in table tennis to Chicago.

From professional equipment, to lessons with the experts, we can help you come closer to table tennis as it is played in the Olympics and the World Championships.

Everybody has their own style. That is what makes table tennis so exciting! But style should be built on solid fundamentals. A game based on solid fundamentals keeps you in the game!

Does the proper equipment make a champion or can a world champion play with any old racket?
There are hundreds of rackets, blades, and rubbers to choose from. Every six months there is a new technology breakthrough that promises more speed, more spin, and more control.

There's two ways to buy equipment. You can always buy something to fix what you can't do.

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The Table Tennis Store is Chicago's only official Butterfly, Yasaka, and Donic dealer! We've got all the best brands, including Nittaku, Stiga, Joola, Tibhar and Newgy!

Helping bridge the gap from recreational ping pong player to competition table tennis, The Table Tennis Store is here to help you play your personal best!
So where can you get real table tennis training? Call me for one-on-one coaching.

You can't find professional equipment at the big box sporting goods stores. Get a personal consultation on what equipment you need to play your personal best!

There's no bricks and mortar store, so call for an appointment!

The other way to buy equipment is to match your level of play to your racket.

There are several blades and rubber combinations that suit a player based on his level of play, his style, his playing goals and his budget.

As an authorized equipment dealer for the major brands, we can help you either way!

Hanging out with the Pro's Junior training  Contact me! 
Phil with Zoran Primorac and his training partner Dobri Klajic (above)

 (Below) David Perrine demonstrates great form in his setup to serve!

David PerrineNews Flash! 
David Perrine wins Group F in Schaumburg Giant RR, 9/10/11

So where can you get real table tennis training? Call me!  It doesn't matter where you are starting from, we'll map out a plan to get you farther!

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Life is too short to play bad ping-pong!
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